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High pressure composite cylinder for SCBA

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High pressure composite cylinder for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)


High pressure composite cylinder(type3) for SCBA(Self-contained Breathing apparatus).
can use for industrial, plant, mine and anywhere.
not included valve, mask, hose.
only cylinder.

  • service pressure : 300~310bar(4350~4500psi)/153bar(2216psi)
  • water volume : 4.7L, 6.8L, 8.4L, 9.0L
  • Certification : DOT-cffc, TC(CANADA)ISO, EN.



Best Partner for High Pressure Tank

INOCOM has established in 2003, manufacturing aluminum liner and high pressure composite cylinder.
We provide safety solution for pressure Tank.
We have specialty in design, analysis, manufacturing and qualification test of high pressure composite cylinder and participated in government development program for development FCV tank with Hyundai Motors and development for Korea Space Launch Vehicle with Korea Aerospace Research Institute.
And already certificated KGS, DOT, CE and TC for paintball game, SCBA for firefighter, medical oxygen cylinder and supply worldwide customers.
Also developed and certificated high pressure composite tank for CNG vehicles by ANSI/NGV2-2007, ISO11439, ECE R-110 and KGS AC412. So in 2012, we supplied CNG tank in government program for conversion from LPG to CNG taxi.

Especially, in 2009, INOCOM acquired modified ANSI/NGV2 2007 for FCV vehicles tank.
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High pressure composite cylinder for SCBA

High pressure composite cylinder for SCBA

High pressure composite cylinder for SCBA